Magnifying Lens

Magnification of nails with the high-quality lens of Magniclipper MAG 1 offers precise and comfortable nail clipping experience.

180 Degree Swivel Head and Thumb Support

180-degree swivel head and non slip thumb support offers extra grip and safety in comparison with the traditional nail cutter.

Sharp Clipper with a Metal Body

Sharp metal clipper with a rigid body offers a clean and effortless manicure experience for the user.
We take immense pride in innovating

The modern version of Nail Clippers

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Order your Magniclipper now and experience clean, well groomed nail care at your doorstep.

Carefully Crafted and Built to Last

Dear Valued Customers,
I’m thrilled to unveil the Magniclipper MAG1, a revolution in nail grooming! We have redefined nail clipping with cutting-edge innovation and sleek design. Featuring a built-in magnifying lens and non-slip thumb support, the MAG1 offers unbeatable precision and comfort. Join us and transform your nail care routine today!
Warm regards,

Sanjiv (Sam) Mall


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